At SBA, we have tips for parents with rebellious teens

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At Sunset Bay Academy, we’re experts in dealing with misbehavior and provide the right program for our students to grow and go through a healthier path towards improvement. Therefore, we have tips for parents with rebellious teens seeking professional guidance and building better relationships with their children.

With the help of our long-term residential treatment, you can set your troubled teenager on the right path and help them gain academic and social skills that will help them stand out after they graduate.

To notice good changes that will improve your family environment and strengthen your relationship, you must follow the following practical tips:


  • Approach one issue at a time: If you try to tackle all the present problems simultaneously, it could worsen the situation. Focusing on one thing will increase the chances of success.
  • Schedule a conversation: Preferably far from home to discuss constructively what each of you is feeling and thinking, achieving a breakthrough.
  • If things heat up because you both feel like you’re getting nowhere, take a moment to cool down and let the frustration out healthily. Then, when you both are ready, try again.
  • Avoid judgmental phrases: If you use them a lot on your teen, it could generate the feeling that he is the problem, and that solves nothing.
  • Be empathic: Putting yourself in your teen’s shoes improves communication. It also creates a more compassionate relationship. By developing excellent communication skills, both can learn to coexist healthily without getting into fierce arguments that affect your connection with your teen.

Overall, these tips for parents with rebellious teens are the most effective in achieving actual change and making it durable. As an excellent alternative school for troubled youth, we are committed to helping the whole family build a healthier environment where all members enjoy a comfortable coexistence.

Join our Sunset Bay Academy Testimonials, and let us help your family build a safe space where your teen can achieve great things and achieve academic and social development. We have years of experience in helping families to grow and communicate better. Our effective program allows our students to maintain a positive point of view on life.

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