The value in therapeutic programs for troubled youth

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Therapeutic programs for troubled youth aim to create a supportive environment in which teenagers can acquire a secure space to open up about their troubles. Adolescence marks an important change not only physically, but also emotionally. Identifying the needs of any troubled teen comes from a place of love. Understanding their need for therapy support and educational development has led to the success of boarding homes with therapeutic programs.

Challenging teenagers into advocating for developing their learning capabilities gives them an upper hand in their future. Many therapeutic programs for troubled youth can be aimed to connect with creative activities, either providing paint or sculpture, others just guide them into music or sports. At Sunset Bay Academy we give a variety of activities to be challenged, to not only be limited by one but see a broad diversity of ways to take part in a group or developt as their personal hobby.

therapeutic-programs-for-troubled-youthSome of our activities are:

  • Community service
  • Art therapy, poetry, music in either a group or individual classes
  • Dance, Yoga, and Box

Having several activities allows them to see that their actions can build their confidence and self-esteem, can nurture their self-image from the core and into affecting positively on their personal life, helping also their relationship with family and their community. Little by little seem they to break out of their shell. Leading up to realizing their strengths and acknowledging their limitations. It is part of a journey in which milestones can be achieved.

A responsible therapeutic program takes the wellbeing of the family as its priority. Every person is an important component of a community. part of a group. We handle therapy in 3 ways: Individual, group, and family therapy. It is important that everyone works in close partnership for the well being of any troubled teen and this includes the family that is affected by their actions. At Sunset Bay Academy, we have helped more than 200 families with teens ages 12-17 suffering from different academic and behavioral issues, integrating the family is part of creating a support system for each one of the family members.

Being part of a therapeutic program is not an easy process, nor fast. We at SBA have years of experience and we recognize the levels of commitment it can take in each family member. Taking part in the process to encourage positive change takes a skilled and compassionate team of professionals.

Get in contact with us for more information about our therapeutic program.

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